Comcast Cable (Chicago Residential VPN)

Greetings All,

As we move into February 2018, IAPS is planning the launch of multiple Comcast Cable (Chicago Residential VPN) virtual private servers, and ipv4/ipv6 services. Comcast Cable will be coming to us running at full gigabit speed, so no matter where in the world you are located, speeds will be able to reach you without delay. We are also adding additional resources for instagram users and the recent influx of new instagram clients will continue to allow us to build up those services.

We are pleased with December 2017 and January 2018 results for current instagram users. We have successfully defeated the instagram looping issue and we continue to build trust amongst instagram artificial intelligence bots that watch ip ranges for bot activity. Continually adding new ip ranges will continue to allow us to move in the right direction for this endeavor.

As far as the new Chicago networks go, we will be launching multiple online tv streaming choices, setting up virtual private network servers for those that want to run and operate their own mini-servers, openvpn-based traditional vpn servers, as well as a plethora of ipv6 services for social media account creation and management services.

As an example of whats to come, standard vpn services have already been deployed for Chicago ahead of schedule while we wait for additional hardware units to arrive on-site. The vpn service can be purchased here.

More details about the Chicago launch will be made available as we draw closer to February 2018. In the meantime you are more than welcome to jump aboard the Chicago vpn now to get a preview of whats currently being built.


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